If you cannot find the answer to your question in our FAQ section, please contact our customer service at

Sign Up and Verification

You can simply fill in the details at our registration page and press submit. Please also note that you will be directed to complete the KYC verification to use all the features of our application.

If you have missed the verification part, you can still verify your account when you follow the instruction under “My Profile>Verification” under “My Profile” page.

All you need is a camera to take your selfie and form of personal document with you when you start verification. 

Verification can take from minutes to hours. After submission, please wait patiently. If you account is not verified after 24hours, please contact us. 

All our features on our application require that users are verified to be able to use them. 

Your data will be safely stored through our KYC partner Sumsub. 

Once verified, the section of your profile will be displayed with a message “Verification Complete” and you will be able to generate your deposit address. 

If you are facing issues or problem during your verification, please contact our customer service representatives. 

Account Management

Click the ‘Login/Sign up” button on upper right side of our website to log into your account. 

You can change your password from your “My Profile” page under “Account”. 

You can either change your password from your profile page, or you can click “forgot your password” from the login page to reset your password.

We’d be sad to see you go, but if you must, you can go to your profile page. Click “delete account” on the bottom of the page to delete your account with us. Your data will be deleted once you confirm. 

Please write to our customer service representative so we can help you with your issues. 

Deposit and Withdraw

Click “Deposit” from “My Wallet” menu. If this is your first time, you will need to generate your deposit address and this can only be done after you have completed the KYC verification. Please note we only support ERC-20 address and only USDT or ETH coins. Any other will not be accepted. 

Under the same menu within “My Wallet”, click “Withdraw” and then input the address you wish to withdraw your assets to. Please note we only support ERC-20 address and only USDT or ETH coins. Any other will not be accepted. 

There is no minimum requirements when you deposit your assets, but any exchange or wallets has their own withdraw fee and suggest you to take this into account. 

We have a minimum Withdraw requirement of 15 USDT, this is due to the network fee requirement to process your transactions. 

Deposit is completely free on any amount. 

Withdraw requires a 15 USDT network fee to process the transaction. 

This depends on the network traffic, but it usually takes between 10-40 minutes for the funds to be deposited into your wallet. 

We have a schedule of when we process all the withdraw and this is shown on the withdraw page. Within this schedule the withdraw should take around 10-40 minutes to process. If withdraw is submitted after the scheduled time, it will be processed the next day. 

We only support ETH and USDT tokens on ERC-20 network. Using tokens outside of ETH or USDT will not be processed or lost.

We partner with Hachi Labs to support the custody service for all our digital assets. They are one of the most realiable digital treasury management system used by top tech firms worldwide. 


Our earnings products are CEFI model financial product that offers up to 20% interest earnings on your stable coins. Learn more here

Interest earnings from our products are calculated and paid out daily to users wallet. For easier understanding, you can use the Earnings Calculator on this page

Earnings are paid daily to users wallet, already ready to be withdrawn. 

In order to minimize the risk for users, we offer our interest earnings on stable coins that are pegged directly to USD. But like any other investment products, you should do your own research before investing. 

It’s very simple to use. If you have signed up already and completed the verification, deposit your funds, then apply one of our earning products from the “Earnings” page in our web application. 

Minimum amount is set at 1000 USDT to apply for our earnings product. 

There is no maximum amount set per person yet, but there is a maximum set per product base which is indicated on each earning product description page. 

Interest earned will be deposited directly to your wallet, these are ready to be withdrawn at any time. 

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